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Welcome to

Carn Counselling

Creating a therapy space that works for you. This may be the first time you have sought help, the first time you have shared your innermost thoughts and feelings, you may feel open and vulnerable. My focus will be on building trust, respect, genuine care and honesty. When you feel ready to share and take that life changing journey,  I will hold that space for you.


I offer person-centred therapy, integrating creativity and the natural world.

“There will always be rocks in the road ahead of us. They will be stumbling blocks or stepping stones; it all depends on how you use them.”

Frederick Nietzsche

About me

Hey there! I’m Natalie Finbow. 

I am a humanistic counsellor. I look at a person as a whole unique being who has the free will to explore their world as they choose, rather than concentrating on individual problems or symptoms.

I started training as a counsellor in 2016 after having counselling myself. I was able to talk about my struggles in a safe and confidential space. After experiencing the benefits that came with this, I knew that I wanted to become a counsellor.

During my time running a small campsite, I saw the huge benefits that wild camping and spending time in nature had on people. It was at this point I knew my journey would include working in a natural environment.

In 2016, I started my counselling training, whilst working for a mental health charity as a well-being and crisis worker. Today alongside counselling, I support with people who have learning disabilities, autism and mental health needs on a working farm. 

I want to work in a way and in a space that works for you, I offer outdoor therapy, creative therapy and talking therapy, mostly I combine the three!  

“Nature itself is the best physician”



Outdoor Therapy


Outdoor therapy, nature based therapy, walk and talk therapy and green therapy all come under the banner of ecotherapy.


Does the idea of taking therapy outside feel strange to you? Do you ever feel disconnected or have a feeling that makes you feel lost or maybe you feel overwhelmed by the ever increasing digital world we find ourselves in?


Perhaps the formality of an office setting is unsettling to you and nature based therapy feels more approachable. There are many reasons to choose to take therapy outside.

The natural world is one of the oldest known cures for mental health. We know we feel better when we have been for a walk in the woods or spent time on the beach.


Nature helps to bring our awareness to the present moment, decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety while improving our general health and well-being. 

 I offer walk and talk therapy or we can find a place to sit and talk. We can seek refuge in the natural space available to us. If you feel  outdoor therapy could be for you, please contact me for a chat regards moving forward with your journey to wellness.

“It is only in being creative, that the individual discovers the self”

D.W Winnicott


Creativity in counselling

Creativity can be a powerful way of exploring what is going on for us, often bringing hidden aspects of ourselves to the surface. Art, music, poetry and movement can be a powerful way for releasing emotional material. 

Working creatively enables us to explore our emotional world through a variety of mediums. Creativity can take away the pressure to find the ‘right words’ it really helps to slow us down, especially if we are prone to ‘over-analysing’ and bring us to the present moment. I often hear ‘but, I am not artistic’ you don’t need to be, it is simply in the process of creating that helps us to heal.


We can work creatively indoors or outdoors, maybe the sand on the beach will be your medium, creating beach art or mindful stone stacking and talking. 

If you feel working creatively calls to you, please call me! 


My Qualifications

  • Level 2 in Counselling skills

  • Level 4 Certificate in advance counselling studies

  • Level 5 Diploma in person-centred counselling and therapy

  • In house training with Valued lives in suicide prevention and awareness

  • CPD Creative counsellors walk and talk therapy


Relevant Care shield training:

  • Autism awareness

  • Learning disability awareness

  • Safeguarding adults 

  • Equality and diversity


First aid (Emergency at work) trained

I am also a registered member of the BACP, and I abide by their code of ethics and professional standards. This includes regular supervision and on going professional development. 


If you feel outside is not for you,  I have  rooms available in Hayle, Redruth and Ponsanooth that I can hire.

I can also work with you online, via video conferencing. I want therapy to work for you and that is how you are most comfortable. 

Where do I work?

Therapy in Redruth, Camborne, Hayle, Truro and Falmouth. 


If we work outside we will discuss what works for you, I am based in the Redruth area and will travel to Camborne, Hayle, Falmouth and Truro.


We can use the coastline, woodlands, mining trails and many walks available to us. There are so many places we are spoilt for choice!

If you have limited mobility, I have places that are flat and accessible. All places are risk assessed prior to our sessions.

If we are working outside and there is a reason you cannot make it or the weather is atrocious, I can offer online sessions.

Though I do love the saying there is no bad weather, only bad clothing! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you make initial contact, I offer a first 20 minute session via phone or video call. This will give you an opportunity to see if I am the right counsellor for you. 

If you choose to move forward with me, we will complete an assessment and a counselling contract. This says ‘Our space is safe and confidential’  and ‘We commit to each other, during our time together’ This includes confidentiality, GDPR, and risk assessment.

What can I expect? 

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